Forks, Racks & Stems


When you order a frame you can also order a custom fork for $275 and get it painted to match. I make stand alone forks starting at $350. Forks can be designed for disc or rim brakes with your choice of braze-ons and mounts. For road, a usual fork has a lugged crown and curved tapered legs. These fork legs are compliant and have a good road feel. Carbon forks are the common option for fillet brazed or TIG frames.  They are light and keep the entire bike weight competitive with aluminum and carbon bikes. They ride smoother on smooth roads. Steel forks are better with rougher surfaces like dirt roads or paved roads with a lot of road hazards like potholes.

I also build taller forks for touring, cyclocross, or brevet starting at $375, disc or rim brake compatible.


When you order a frame you can also order a fork  for $375 and get it painted to match. Stand alone forks start at $450. I can build a rigid lugged fork, a unicrown TIG welded fork, or a segmented fork. Each fork can be made to match your frame geometry, suspension corrected or not.


Custom racks are brazed using chromoly tubing. I prefer to build custom racks when I am building the frame. When building a rack for an existing bicycle I must have the bicycle present for accurate fitting  and design. Racks start at $200.


Stems are custom and can be any angle and length required.  I make quill type stems (for threaded fork steerers) and A-head style stems (for threadless fork steerers). 1″ or 1/1/8″.  They are either fillet brazed or TIG welded and typically powder coated. Stems typically range from $150-250.