Fit Form

When ordering a custom bicycle I must have you body measurements. You can choose a stock frame geometry from the tables if you know that is what you want. Submitting your body measurements is one third of the ordering process.  Please have a friend help you and follow the steps below. Be sure to stand straight and keep you feet shoulder width apart. I like to measure twice and take the average.

Height – Take off your shoes. Stand up straight against a wall and look  forward. Keep your feet regular width apart. Make sure your legs are straight up and down. Measure from the floor to the top of your head. I put a level on your head and mark the wall.

Sternum Notch – This notch is at the top of your rig cage at the bottom of your neck. It will be used, with your height, to determine your torso length and top tube length. Turn and face the wall. Stand up straight, no shoes. Put a pen or pencil in the notch and have a friend level it then lean forward and mark the wall.

Inseam – Place a 2 foot level between your legs holding the level, one hand in front and the other in back. Stand up straight and pull up against your pelvic bone. This is to simulate the pressure on your seat so pull up with about 25lbs of pressure. Have your friend check the level and measure from the floor to the top of the level. If you don’t have a level you can use a book pushed up between you legs. Stand against the wall and make sure the book is flat against the wall. Take a measurement, relax, then measure it again and take the average.

Arm Length – Spread both arms to your sides parallel with the ground. Position you hand open with your thumb up. Have your friend measure from your rib cage in your arm pit to the web between your index finger and thumb. Measure both right and left and average the result.

Shoulder Width – Keep your arms at your side. Find the boney edge of your shoulder on top and measure in a straight line from edge to edge.

Femur Length – Sit on the front edge of a hard seat. Bend your knee to 90° and sit upright. Measure from the boney femur head on the outside below your hip  (I have no anatomy training) to the front of the knee below your knee cap.

Flexibility – Bend at the waist and attempt to touch your toes. How far can you go? To the knees? To the floor? Palms flat on the floor?

Shoe size – Tell me your shoe size.

Weight – List your weight.