About Rich Adams

I never knew bicycles would become my life’s work. As a youngster I would ride dirt bikes like most kids. As a young teen my parents sent me on several bike tours where I quickly appreciated the freedom and exercise of cycling. Later, I dabbled in road and mountain bike racing learning the finer points of performance cycling. This fueled my passion for the sport and led me to study engineering at Lehigh University where I received my BS in Materials Science. After college I worked in the Semiconductor Industry commuting with my bike and enjoying the northern California cycling mecca. During this period I made a life changing decision and quit my Silicon Valley engineering job for a basic wrench position in the now defunct Start to Finish Bicycles in San Francisco. While it was a bit of a shock financially, I never enjoyed my previous work as much as that first job. Meanwhile I bought some equipment and starting building road frames.
Since then my obsession has been bikes. I love riding them; I enjoy the relaxed casual atmosphere of the bike shop, and I honestly get to do what I love, build frames. Not many people can say they are content with their job or are happy with their careers. While I gave up the comfortable life in a more lucrative field, I haven’t once regretted my decision and still feel the sense of freedom and satisfaction riding bicycles.