Finish & Decals

All Rich Adams road frames receive a premium gloss finish with clear-coated decals.  While decals sets have remained unchanged, we’ve added airbrushed decals to our list of options thanks to our incredibly talented partner, Todd Eroh.  Choose from 4 decal choices or have decals airbrushed in any color (additional charges  apply).  Headbadge decals are still available but we now include a stainless steel head tube badge with every frame.  For an additional $100 you can receive a sterling silver handmade head tube badge first featured at the 2009 NAHBS.  Custom paint schemes are available upon request.  All road frames receive an internal rust prevention coating and are vented to prevent standing water inside the tubes.

For 29er frames I’ve chosen powdercoating for it’s durability and cost.  You can choose from 5 stock colors and have 4 decal options. The premium wet paint finish is still available for an up-charge ($300 base). Special decaling and/or fancy paint schemes are available.