Springtime News

Hey friends and fans. Another winter of building is in the books. The last of my projects heads out the door this week so I thought it appropriate to post some new photos and update my people, so check this out!  The latest 2 bikes are worthy of note. Bike #1 – (check it both bikes on the Gallery Page) is a custom 20″ hybrid. No your eyes are not deceiving you.  My Facebookers have seen this already but there are more cool photos. Most importantly, the customer Rick called it my “Masterpiece”! So that’s always nice. Does this mean it’s all down hill from here? Bike #2 which I am calling Lehigh #3 is a campus commuter bike for the Lehigh campus. Check out the customer rack with integrated U-lock. My own design/idea.  This bike also features a ceramic coating. Not paint, but a wet spray technique from the military that is sprayed and baked on. It is much thinner than powdercoating and very tough. This will be an option on future builds but the color palette is limited and flat colors only.  Finally, I am adding a new For Sale bike that’s been in the shop for a couple months. This is Tom’s old frame that we had reconditioned with a 2 color powdercoat and new SRAM parts. This is a very light and lively road machine. Have an idea for a custom bike? Now’s the time to formulate your thoughts and get in line for Fall 2014. Thanks!