Making a sweet headbadge.

A few years ago I decided to change from a decal to a nice headbadge for the frames. Traditionally, the headbadge was always a sign of quality and artisanship that created value for the owner and pride for the builder. I’m the big ‘A’ so I got a hundred or so of my big A cut out of stainless. Creating the final product was not a foregone conclusion. I have to drill the holes out bigger (next version will already have bigger holes), sand the backside smooth, then form them, mount and polish, then clean. I like the fact it’s not a plug and play item. I’ve done this procedure enough times and it takes a little time but if you are gear hungry for the right tools, the final product is worth it. A mirror polished, nicely curved, bolted on Stainless headbadge. Oh, by the way, you can also get your headbadge painted to accent your color scheme. You’ll see the purple 650b mountain bike I just did has a white headbadge that really pops with a white fork and logos etc. Since the badges are screwed into place I also offer an extra if you’d like to swap it out, OR you can order up one after the fact.